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luna-malfoy asked: Hi there, I saw your post about Goldsmiths and I couldn't help but relate. I just started Goldsmiths this month and I absolutely hate it there but I'm not sure what to do. Everyone's telling me to just stick it out but I'm not sure. Speaking from your experience do you think it would be worth it?

Ahh that feeling sucks big time, another factor for me was that I was also doing a course that I didn’t have my heart into y’know? I was lucky since I transferred to UAL and had friends there + met folk who I connected with & I’m now doing a course I’m actually interested in (which is rare for me lol)

If deep down it doesn’t feel right then follow your instinct and choose something somewhere that you’ll know is way more for you & get the most outta London too (I did an internship for a nightclub during my time at Goldsmiths). Restarting Uni is not the end of the world, I did it & don’t regret it at all -Good luck!-

Ew, why do I still get emails from Goldsmiths Uni? In short, I went for 1yr and -h a t e d- it.
Being surrounded by Home Counties types who act caricature ghetto, privileged kids who went to BRIT school and have connections within the creative industries (via their parents) along with stuck up bouji art types is worse than enduring the nine rings of hell.

It amazes me how folk regard that place so highly, even James Blake fucking hated it there.

highpulp asked: You more into the music or dance?

Both since 2010.

Theres an overly fine guy in my dance class who can do footwork moves effortlessly, gonna try ‘n’ get that extra choreography assistance. *smug emoji*


Palace Skateboards - Endless Bummer

Just came back from dance class & my days years of smoking are catching up, but I can defs move for a skinny lanky person.


Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long (by Mcr0gw)